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Mold Removal Edmonton

Our Testing Services in Edmonton Include:

  1. Mold inspections
  2. Mold Testing
  3. Swab testing
  4. Air quality testing

Air Quality testing or mold testing may be necessary in order to determine exactly what we are dealing with in your home or business. In some cases you may be experiencing symptoms of mold or you may smell mold but there are no visible traces of mold in your home, in these cases air quality testing is required to determine what we are dealing with and to help pin point the areas in your home with the highest concentrations of mold.

Air quality testingallows us to determine how elevated the mold is (spore count), the types of mold we are dealing with, howtoxic themolds we are dealing with and gives us a better idea of the areas that are most affected by mould in your home or business.

It is recommended to have the air quality tested in your home or business annually to ensure your indoor air quality is at a healthy level. We also recommend Air quality testing before purchasing a home or property along with a thorough home inspection.

Swab testing may be necessary, in some cases we are unable to determine if in fact what we are looking at is definitely mold without taking a sample and sending it to a 3rd party Lab (swab testing). Mold comes in many colours and shapes and on certain surfaces it is impossible to verify without doing a swab test.

All of our, mold testing and Air Quality samples are sent to a 3rd party lab for analysis in Edmonton. We will receive the results within 72 hours in Edmonton and we will go over them with you and provide you with a free estimate for the mould removal process.

In Some cases we will recommend a 3rd Party Industrial Hygienist (Indoor Environmental Specialists) or mold testing companies to provide mould testing and air quality, this prevents any conflict of interest for all parties involved. They can also provide post mould remediation clearance to ensure we have followed all necessary guidelines and nothing has been missed. 

Contact Mold Removal Edmonton to Book Mold Testing or Air Quality Testing in your Home or Commercial Space; Online or Call 780-638-1769

Our Other Mold Services in Edmonton Include:

  1. Mold Removal
  2. Mould Remediation
  3. Cleaning of affected materials
  4. Mold Abatement
  5. Full Reconstruction
  6. Asbestos Removal
  7. Lead Abatement
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