Mold Removal Edmonton

Mold is a type of fungi that is normally present in the air as spores. However, when mold spores attach
to wet organic surfaces and start growing, they become destructive and even dangerous!
Mold Removal Edmonton has handled multiple mold removal projects, servicing residential and
commercial premises in Edmonton area. If you found mold anywhere in your house – contact Mold
Removal Edmonton for a FREE mold inspection! A professional mold inspector can identify the extent of
the mold problem and recommend the most efficient way to eliminate it.
Mold can grow almost on any organic surfaces. As houses in Canada are mostly constructed with
such organic building materials, as wood, drywall, bricks, concrete, etc., mold is a common inhabitant
of basements, attics, cold rooms and crawl spaces. Often, mold colonies grow behind dishwashers,
washing machines, under kitchen sinks and in bathrooms, due to excessive moisture and lack of air
During mold inspection with Mold Removal Edmonton, an inspector also uses special equipment
(thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters) to find the source of incoming water that promotes mold
growth. When mold does not have any visible demonstrations, it can be identified using air testing
procedure. Mold inspector takes samples of air outside and inside the house; later they are analyzed
and compared in a third-party laboratory. The results show if the quantity of mold spores inside the
house exceeds the normal outdoor surroundings.
To prevent cross-contamination and guarantee safety of the mold removal process, specialists of
Mold Removal Edmonton build special barricades, containing the areas affected by mold. A series of
special techniques is applied to effectively eliminate mold. The area is then treated with eco-friendly
antimicrobial solutions, and the air is filtered with negative air machines equipped with powerful HEPA-
Experience and technical possibilities of Mold Removal Edmonton allow the company to guarantee the
effectiveness of their mold removal projects! The company is fully licensed by the IICRC (The Institute
of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) and follows all necessary safety regulations and
technical guidelines. Experienced and responsible team of technicians leaves every job site clean and
mold free!
When dealing with mold, it is important to take actions as soon as possible! When mold colony
grows, it not only increases the cost of remediation process, but also poses serious health hazards
for homeowners and their families. Some types of mold release toxins that can cause a wide range of
health issues: from headaches to asthma! Don’t put your family’s well-being at risk – book a FREE mold
inspection with Mold Removal Edmonton and assure your peace of mind!
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