Proper Mold Removal Steps

Mold is the fungus which can cause various issues to our health and to our homes or properties. Mold can grow very easily and as quickly as in one or two days. There are three things to remember:

  1. One should remove the mold at the earliest stage possible.
  2. One should prevent the mold growth by taking the right precautionary methods.
  3. One shoudl ensure that the proper steps are being followed for mold remediation.

Mold Growth can cause health related issues so it is necessary to handle the mold affected areas in a proper and safe way, which involves mold detection, prevention, and removing. Certain molds can be cleaned by yourself but always contact a Mold Removal Edmonton first! We will identify what the issue is, why it is growing, and what is the proper way to remove.

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What causes Mold Growth?

Moisture is the main reason for causing mold to grow, along with an organic material to grow on and improper air flow. Moisture can be trapped, unseen, behind the walls which will make mold grow. You have to be aware of the moisture levels in your property and why moisture may be getting into your home. If moisture is present, it can help to locate where the presence of mold may be.


Here are the Proper Procedures and Steps for Safe Mold Removal:


1.      Hiring the Right Mold Remediation Company

Remediation is important to remove the mold growth but also to prevent it from coming back. Ensuring to hire the right company is just as important. Mold Removal Edmonton is an IICRC Certified and Trained company that has the experience and expertise in handling mold growth. We will first send out a dedicated project manager who will come to the property to assess the extent of the mold damage. Mold Removal Edmonton provides Free Mold Inspections on any visible mold. Give us a call today and we can arrange for a time to have your property inspected.


2.      Air Quality Testing and Mold Testing

If the project manager determines that mold testing is necessary, than we can assist in referring companies to do so. Third Party testing is necessary as it is a conflict of interest for a company to test and do the work. If mold is not visible but you have an inclination that it may be present (i.e. due to a smell), than Air Quality Testing is necessary.

*** In many homes in Edmonton, the walls may still contain asbestos, therefore, prior to any mold removal project and the house is older than 1980, than an asbestos sample of the wall must be taken.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Air Quality Testing.


3.      Preparing a Proper Mold Removal Scope

Once the property has been inspect, we will provide you with a detailed scope of work for the proper mold removal. The mold remediation is the cleaning of the mold as well as preventing the mold from re-occurring. There are three levels of mold that identify which conditions mold removal needs to be completed in:

  • Level 1 – Non-visible Mold that is normal in the environment – this does not require mold remediation as it is within the controlled limits.
  • Level 2 – Non-visible mold in which the mold spore counts are higher than what is in the control environment.
  • Level 3 – Visible mold as well as elevated mold spore counts that are higher than what is in the control environment.

Level 1 will never be seen in a report as it is considered normal. The most common levels that you will see are Level 2 and 3.


4.      Mold Remediation

Once the scope has been set in place, the mold remediation can take place. There are 4 procedures that must be followed when mold removal takes place:

a)      PPE – Personal Protective Equipment must be worn by all technicians when performing the removal. This is protective gear that is worn from head to food, consisting of suits, masks, gloves and booties to ensure that they are safe from the dangerous mold spores that will be released.

b)      Containment – containment must be set in place in the affected areas to aid in the prevention of cross contamination. The entire area will be sectioned off before any of the mold removal takes place.

c)       Equipment – negative air and air scrubbers will be set up and used throughout the process to ensure that there is no cross contamination and all mold spores that are released are being cleaned. This equipment (depending on the level of mold remediation) typically remains after the removal for an additional 24-48 hours to continue air purification.

d)      Removal/ Cleaning – Once the first three have been complete, it is not time to remove and/or clean the affected areas. If mold is growing on organic material such as drywall, then the material needs to be physically removed. If mold is on wooden studs or sheathing in the attic then it can be removed by grinding or media blasting. Encapsulation is not proper mold removal procedures as it does not physically remove the mold.


5.      Clearance Testing

Depending on the level of Mold Remediation, clearance testing may be necessary. This must be completed after 24 hours after the mold removal and containments and equipment need to be left until clearance is granted by the 3rd party testing company. At Mold Removal Edmonton, we guarantee clearance. If for some reason clearance is not granted, we will come back and clean until it is. You can count on us to ensure that your home or property is safe before any containments and equipment are removed. 

Once all mold has been removed and clearance has been granted you will receive a certificate of completion which is transferable (if needed for selling your property).


6.      Reconstruction

Now that all the mold affected materials are removed, it is not time to bring it back to its original state. Mold Removal Edmonton has a full reconstruction department that can put everything back as if nothing had ever been affected. If you want to add a new flare, we can do that too!


We now how important your health and property is to you, trust Edmonton’s #1 Mold Removal Specialists. If you suspect that mold is present in your home, give us a call today. A trained representative will answer your call and walk you through the proper and necessary steps. We are here 24/7 for you. If visible mold is present, we will arrange a Free Mold Inspection to determine the best course of action.








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